Family of Vera Stephenson restoration

Digital Photo Restoration

We love printed photos because they give us a tangible record of family members and important life occasions.

Unfortunately, the images stored on printed photograph can be damaged by:

  • folds, tears and other physical damage
  • fading due to exposure to sunlight
  • mold and dust
  • aging if the original photo was not printed on archival paper

Wear and tear of printed photos is unavoidable. Stuff happens!

Digital restoration of a printed photo can repair in varying degrees damage in a printed photo.

As an end product, photo restoration provides in an electronic representation of the original photo that is not susceptable to further physical damage. This electronic file can be used to display the image on a computer screen.

But electronic display may not be the ultimate goal of photo restoration. We often want to have images we love printed because electronic images are fundamentally different from printed images. Images on a computer screen are generated by transmitted light whereas those on printed media are generated by reflected light. Different physics are involved.

Beyond the physics, the experience is different because the information in a printed images is often richer than that of an electronic image. A viewer of this page may have trouble seeing an appreciable difference in some of the photo restorations shown in the slide above. However, differences in the originals and prints of the restored images are very clear.

Happily, the same electronic file that contains the restored photo can also be used to print the repaired version of the original photo.

Thus photo restoration:

  • halts degradation of a printed photo
  • creates an electronic presentation of the a repaired photo, and
  • provides the basis for printing the repaired photo

I am happy to provide the service of digital photo restoration. I enjoy tackling the unique challenges that each photo to be restored offers.

If you are interested in hiring me to restore a photo, please check out my photo restoration process and rates..